We are three brothers who gained notoriety in the online casino industry by coming up with an entirely new way to play the casino games. We grew up in Las Vegas and naturally spent most of our time as young adults in casinos and frequenting the local ladies.

We realized that each of us alone didn’t have the resources to win consistently at the casinos. It occurred to us that if we played together we would stand a better chance of winning. Casinos frown on this kind of activity even if it is legal. As long as we weren’t snooping around, giving signals to one another or doing anything unethical there was nothing wrong with what we were doing. Still, when the pit boss saw the three of us huddled together, working out how to make bets, bankrolling each other, and generally working together, they would freak out and kick us out.

It was only a matter of time before the three of us were banned from every casino in Vegas. They have such sophisticated systems in place, that believe it or not they knew the moment we set foot in the casino. One of the bouncers explained to us that they actually have high tech cameras with facial recognition software. The second the camera sees you come in it sets an alarm.

We tried everything to get back in the casinos, mostly because our system was really working at making us some serious money. Three brains instead of one are clearly better. And three wallets combined are a lot better than one. We knew we were getting desperate when we tried getting in wearing latex masks. Big mistake. Turns out the cameras work on infrared wavelengths as well, so masks made little difference in not getting noticed. Plus we looked really creepy with masks on. Like we wanted to rob the place or something. Not recommended at all, trust us. So we just took our cash and moved to the online casinos and never looked back. No one there to bother us, all the resources at our disposal through the internet and much better odds of winning.

Our favorite casinos are Grand Reef, Winner Casino, and Club World Casino. Hey, we might have formed a betting club of our own, but that doesn’t mean we agree on everything. Three of us means three favorite casinos. What we recommend to everyone we know is to just do what we did. Find some like-minded friends, find a few online casinos you like, form a club and work together to win more often. You would be amazed at what a difference it makes.

For slot fans, it is clear that Australian players have a significant preference for Microgaming powered casinos, such as Spin Palace (read review here), probably because they have the widest offering (600+ pokies).

Here’s a bit of info on the casinos we like:

Grand Reef Casino

This casino was appealing from the get-go. Unfortunately they don’t accept US players, so we had to come up with ways of hiding the fact that we live in Las Vegas. No, we didn’t move. All it took was a proxy server. Do a bit of research online and you’ll understand what we’re talking about. The Grand reef is nicely polished, has a good bonus worth $750 and just looks really, really good. They have a nice selection of about 200 games built on Playtech software. This is good news, you can trust Playtech software. It is a reputable company and the casino itself is licensed in Curacao.

Winner Casino

Another trustworthy casino. Winner Casino is Licensed in Antigua & Barbuda and also using Playtech’s software. They have somewhat fewer games than the other casinos, with just over 100 games available. Winner Casino has some amazing things going for it, though. They have an amazing bonus worth $1250, which you don’t need us to tell you is a lot of money. Their payout percentage clocks in at an unheard of 98%, and that right there is one of the reasons we spend an inordinate amount of time at the Winner Casino.

Club World Casino

This is Jimbo’s favorite and he throws a fit whenever we don’t play at the Club World Casino. Jimbo is the youngest of the three of us so we’re used to his tantrums, but he has a good point when it comes to Club World Casino. Right off the bat they treated us to a great bonus worth $777. They also have an absolutely ridiculous 99% payout rate. By all accounts this is the best casino of the three we play at. Why we even split out time between the three is that we rotate between the bonuses. The casinos hate it, but what are they going to do? Turn us away? Club World is also the only casino of the bunch that lets us play without using the proxy which slows down our internet significantly. If it weren’t for the other great bonuses that we keep rotating between the Club World Casino would be our online casino of choice bar none. It also caters to our different areas of expertise. Jimbo is an expert at Poker, for instance, and Absalom has an encyclopedic knowledge of the sports world, so he’s our go to guy for sports betting, which is available at Club World.

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